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We're Haver, a Scottish-based design agency.

We're inspired by conversational design. In Scotland 'Havering' means talking nonsense: on the other hand we enable people and organisations to have the right kind of conversations before they develop new products and services.

Start-ups and software companies

Collectively, we have many years' experience working with new businesses as well as technology companies. Since 2020 we've run a Zine project to find out more about start-ups based in Scotland and the challenges they face.

We often find start-ups have ideas with potential and want to develop a technological solution, such as an app or an online service.

Design and research can help you with the following:

Unless your business has answers to these questions it's unlikely you'll launch a service which is useful, usable and delightful to your customers.

New to design and research?

Start-ups often have their own website or social media presence and some might have launched software which is already making a profit. If you haven't worked with designers before you might want to hire us for one of the following:

Any of these activities are relatively straightforward to do. They will show you areas of your business you need to change or improve in order to grow. You and your staff can include this new way of working into your own process.

Other services

We can help your organisation with every stage of the User-Centered Design process.

User Research

Bridging the gap between your business and your users. We utilise extensive research methodologies to get to the heart of what your users need and then help you to make it happen.

UX Design

Accessibility and simplicity is the core of any good design. We design usable, beautiful websites and apps that let your product do the talking.

Service Design

We employ tried-and-tested design principles to create a service that doesn't simply meet, but exceeds your user's needs. Service Design includes hiring the right staff and working out how to serve a community of customers.


We know how important branding is for businesses. We offer services to help you develop the right tone of voice, aesthetic and feel for your website or app.

Looking to take your product to the next level? We'd love to hear from you.

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