We cut through the haver to discuss real issues, insights and design principles with start-ups and creatives.

Red wave with a Solvers Studio logo

Angus Addlesee - Data Scientist

The Wallscape data scientist on conversational agents, data visualisation and working with designers.

Womaon working with a machine learning programme

Mhairi McGinlay - Aveni

The Aveni UX Designer explains how they use machine learning to help financial advisers capture client conversations.

Red wave with a Solvers Studio logo

Carl Quinn - Solvers Studio

The Service Designer and head of Solvers Studio talks about helping businesses.

Womaon working with a machine learning programme

Andy McMahon - Data Scientist

The award-winning data scientist explains how to make machine learning work at your organisation.

Someone jumping out of bed in joy

Tom Harries - Designer and Entrepeneur

On building a web platform for 900 local businesses during lockdown.

A Bolex film camera and an Ability Academy logo.

Nigel G Honey - Ability Academy

Video editing for all - and overcoming barriers to a creative career.

A cartoon image of someone being interviewed.

Robby Ogilvie - Lightning Social Ventures

Robby talked about tailoring design sprints and his path into UX.

A cartoon showing someone carrying a start button to a blank mobile phone and a monitor screen.

Code prototyping

Make your own UI library of accessible components.

A word cloud showing the themes from our start-up interviews

Start-up summary

Ahead of our panel event, we went back through our start-up interviews to arrange some quotes into themes.

A person in a mask and someone writing to describe the idea of Semiotics

Dominika Noworolska - Narrative Strategist

Decoding the world of signs to solve design problems

Two faces look at a box in a thought bubble to describe Ideation

Ian Crawford - Innovation Design Principal at RBS

The challenges and rewards of helping people innovate

A woman uses her smartphone to tell an office she is planning to visit

Gavin Neate - Neatebox

Helping disabled people navigate daily life